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The imported Nu leather from Italy is a lightweight leather with a smooth texture keeping function & fashion in mind.

Nu leather is not made from a cut of animal hide as real leather is. Instead, it contains small pieces of shredded leather and binding agents. The artificial material is comparable to pressed wood, which consists of wood pieces and adhesives moulded into a new material.

The uppermost part of Nu leather is a polyurethane layer. The middle part contains a piece of fabric, while the layer below it consists of a mixture of scrap leather pieces. The back is sprayed with leather shavings. However, it can be a durable fabric, and it is also easy to maintain.


  • Italian nu leather
  • High-quality metal hardware
  • 34 cm base length x 16 cm base width x 30 cm height


  • Waterproof lining
  • 6 elastic open pockets
  • 1 clear pvc zipper pocket
  • 1 leather key/dummy clip


  • Protective metal feet on the bottom
  • Adjustable leather shoulder strap


  • Wipeable changing mat


Additional information

Dimensions 34 × 16 × 30 cm
Care Instructions

Care Instructions, Genuine Leather Bags
Good quality leather will last a lifetime depending on the type of leather. We pride ourselves in using only the highest quality leather.Treating your baby bag every 3 to 6, months with good quality leather food will prolong its lifespan. Due to natural properties of leather, scratches, marks and flaws are not considered to be defects.
Spills & spots
Any food or drink spilled on your baby bag should be wiped off with a wet cloth. 
Blot (do not rub) excess liquid immediately with a clean dry cloth.
If possible, allow area to dry.
Most liquids will be absorbed by the leather and stains should fade over time or even disappear.
If the stains are more severe, refer to the instructions below.
Stubborn stains
Use a clean absorbent sponge/cloth and apply a small amount of any non-acidic soap with water.
Do not wipe in circles.
Wipe again using a clean damp cloth to remove excess soap (avoid circular movements).
Allow area to dry.

Nu Leather
Both the interior & exterior may be wipe-cleaned with a damp cloth.
Please allow your bag to fully dry before re-packing it.

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